Friday, July 24, 2009

Hello again... well things have been going great so far this summer. Our house is still on the market (if anyone is interested) and we have been busy.

My little brother Kasey married his sweet heart June 27th in the Timpanogas Temple. It was beautiful! Welcome to the family Audrey, we are happy that you are part of our crazy clan. Weddings are always the best because family gathers!

My sister Teasha and her cute family traveled from Texas to be with us. Such a blessing. It was the first time Avala met her cousins... I cried. I missed them soooo much. I had never met Teasha's youngest Hinckley, who is the same age as Avala. He was so precious, so sweet and shy... just like Kurt.

The Corbridge Grandkids
(at Lagoon)

Every year we have the FUNNEST family tradition of going to Lagoon. This the whole crew minus only a few (we missed you)

My mom with her grandkids (minus Thomas)
Allie, Hinckley, and Avala

Avala is such a doll!
She loves posing for the camera

Happy 4th of July!!!

We went to the Hogle Zoo for the holiday!
So fun for Andy and I, Avala didn't care too much, but it was a little hot out.

Uncle Matt, this picture is for you. Avala loves you so much and is so proud of your dedication to our country. Thank you for your service. God bless the USA
Matthew Freire is my younger brother whom I'm very proud of. He is serving our country right now and it is great that we can stay in contact with him via email and through blogging! If you would like to leave a word of encouragement to him please visit
I am grateful for the men and women who serve our country with so much pride and strength I wish them all the best and would like to thank each one of them as well as their families, Thank you and God bless.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our daddy

Thank you Andrew...Andy

for being our

example and teacher

protector and friend

the worthy patriarch of our family

and forever my Capitan Moroni.

You mean the world to us. We love you. Happy Fathers Day.

Love/Candace and Avie

Monday, June 15, 2009

i told you so!

I knew i would be bad at this blogging thing. Well here's a update of the past four months in pictures. I have been so busy lately with my sweet Avala and charging nights at the hospital. Andy and I are also trying to sell our house and what a hassle that is!! I swear we spend all our free time deep cleaning our house. Oh well, it will pay off!

Enjoy the pictures!

Avala gazing out the window, she is so photogenic (sc?) This is right before her FIRST birthday. (She wasn't walking quite yet)

Happy FIRST birthday Avala!

She's my St. Patrick's Day baby! She was born on Monday March 17th, 2008 weighing 7lbs 2oz and 21 inches long! a year later she is 15lbs 6oz!

Still so little on the outside, but with a BIG personality on the inside! Happy birthday my lovie!

Thanks for sharing your birthday cake Avala! Grammy Freire always picks the yummiest cakes

my second EASTER! Egg hunting was much more fun this year!!

A beautiful spring day at the Ogden Temple. (Avala loves the water, if you can't tell)

We sang "I love to see the Temple, I'm going there some day..." Avala picked the flowers and proceeded to eat them...and laugh at us as we sang

Daddy bought me this! I love to play in the water!

Dinner last can't tell, but it was mashed potatoes, BBQ chicken and sweet potatoes. Ha ha I love that grin!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm giving in...

So I have finally given in to blogging...yes, I have never done this before but due to popular demand (my family/friends begging) I am now officially a "blogger". There will be more pictures and fun stuff added soon when I figure out what the devil I am doing.